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Welcome to WADI SONA Hydraulic?

Wadi Sona hydraulic is one of the biggest pioneer companies in the hydraulic field. We are working to provide all kinds of hydraulic services.

Wadi Sona hydraulic was established for more than 20 years ago, since that we keen to communicate to all leading hydraulic companies to introduce our activities and abilities in the hydraulic and industrial fields. As following:

  • We have a France crimping, cutting and skiving machines from "Techmaflex" Company, as we are the only distributor in Saudi Arabia.
  • We have all kinds of good quality of hoses, fittings, adapters and ferrules.
  • We can provide all spar parts of hydraulic products.


  • Skilled technicians with long experience assembling hoses.
  •  The work will be done in the mechanics assembly center under the supervision of the internationally known French company, Techmaflex.
  • Receiving and delivering to and from the customer’s place.
  • Representatives ready to serve the customer at any time.
  • We provide excellent maintenance service to ensure the smooth running of your production process and not break down for any technical reason- Our first goal is to add production value to you.
  •  We relied on engineers specialized in the field of hydraulic, operation and maintenance of crimping machines and pumps.
  • We carefully  picked up an expert workforce in our field.
  • To form an integrated family that works as one hand extending to shake your hands. They rely on the success of God first and then on the experiences that we have hired in order to achieve the goals we want.
  • Initially we sought to meet the needs of the local market, then rose to the space of the Arab market and beyond.
  • Because your satisfaction is our goal; we systematically studied prices to suit the seller and the customer’s satisfaction.

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